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Beware of Abandoned Underground Oil Tanks!

Old, abandoned underground oil storage tanks should be removed off-site right away. There are dangers lurking around if you do not take action.


Soil contamination

Older homes tend to have underground fuel tanks. Although they are not an eyesore, health issues and safety risks could be boiling underneath the property since there is a high chance for an oil leak and soil contamination.


Ground loses strength

Another problem with underground oil leaks do is causing the soil to lose its strength to hold commercial or residential structures. In other words, with a little bit of shaking, the soil could crack and crumble. And as a result, buildings could be resting on loose soil that is not good for construction.


Fire and fuel explosion hazards

Leaking underground oil tanks poses serious fire risks. Tank and vapors from the pipes could run through your basement, kitchen, and other parts of the house. If you are detecting foul odors or fumes that you cannot locate, call the professionals. That most likely indicates an issue that needs immediate resolution.


Drinking water contamination

Neglected and leaking oil tanks are especially concerning for homeowners because the leaky can quickly find its way into the water systems. Unlike filtering soil, cleaning up contaminants in the water pipes is costly and involves a challenging process. Extreme and widespread damage can occur way before the inspection and clean-up are over.


Negative environmental impacts

When fuel storage containers sprout a leak, the environment will become polluted causing the plants and trees to decay. Oil spills serve as toxic waste that can quickly destroy the environment. They must be treated with urgency.


Health and safety risks

Plants and wildlife are not the only living organisms that will bear the negative impacts of oil leaks. Humans, especially those that have pre-existing illnesses and diseases will suffer the most from the hazards brought by soil and water contamination.

Now that you have acquired all this information about the dangers of neglecting oil tanks, what should you do? You don’t want your house falling down or risk getting tap water poisoning.


Before the problem gets worse, consult with our professional oil tank removers. We are a team of technicians providing services in Milwaukee,WI. If you need servicing near and around the area, call us!

Hire The Best Milwaukee Oil Tank Removal  Company

Wisconsin oil tank removal company

What you need is a seasoned and professionally trained team that will tackle the situation using the best possible approach. And that is what our qualified technicians and oil tank experts can guarantee


Oil tank issues are no laughing matter. Speedy response is critical to avoid causing more damage. Yes, there are hundreds of companies giving oil tank removal nearby, but you need more than just a set of subpar services. You need a partner that will plan for your exact situation and needs.

There is no challenge or disruptions our team cannot overcome. 


The job of Oil Enviro professionally removing and disposing of oil tanks in Milwaukee, WI as safely and efficiently as possible. We understand that oil tanks require specialized processes whether for removal, installation, and disposal. Thanks to our wide range of experience, we can assure you of successful oil tank services.


Our company is built on superior customer support and looks forward to gaining your trust and long-time partnership. All you need to do is send us a message or call our office to set up a meeting with our experts and specialists.

First Class Oil Tank Services in Milwaukee, WI

Oil Enviro offers effective oil tank solutions for residential and commercial needs. We have been providing:

Site inspection, oil tank sweep, and remediation

Our oil tank company in Milwaukee, WI offers comprehensive services including site inspection and remediation. If you are in the market for a new house, one of the most crucial parts of the buying process is determining whether the property has an old tank somewhere underneath the ground.


In some instances, people are unaware of a buried or abandoned old tank onwithin their property. Our team will looks for the telltale signs and identifiesy where the oil pipes are.

Oil tank removal and disposal

Underground oil storage tanks were the standard back in the day. However, it has become obsolete with the rise of alternative forms for heating. And because oil tanks easily corrode and leak oil, property owners could face penalties and other severe liabilities. 


You probably have several questions about what to do after we find the steel heating tanks, or how to remove an underground fuel tank, to begin with.


Once we find the oil tank, the initial step we will do is to figure out whether the tank is active or not. And then we will competently remove and dispose of the vessel and its pipework. If there is an oil leak, remediation and soil sampling will be performed by our experts and personnel.


Having issues getting rid of an old buried oil tank? Let our professional oil tank contractors help steer you away from a catastrophic event. Call our office today!.

Soil sampling

Oil Enviro works with the local communities, experts, and specialists. We have excellent references and networks that will help us guarantee accurate soil sampling results. We offer efficient and cost-effective soil sampling service, alongside abatement services. 

Over the years, many commercial establishments and homeowners have put their trust in Oil Enviro for professional oil tank services. Call our qualified contractors for service and repair to your above-ground or underground tank.

oil tank removal

Oil Enviro Is Your Top-Rated Milwaukee, WI Oil Tank Company

With a broad background in operating devices and equipment, Oil Enviro has become a well-known and reputable oil tank company. We are a specialist in underground storage tank removal in Milwaukee, WI. 


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  • Our experts understand the process of heating oil tanks and other elements required to handle such tasks
  • No matter how big or small the project is, our team will do the preparation and execution of the plan for you


Take all precautions! Learn all the possible risks that oil tanks carry. Contact Oil Enviro with any concerns or questions about heating, oil tank removal, disposal, or soil remediation.

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