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How do you find good contractors like oil tank removal experts? Let us recognize the elephant in the room; it is hard to find reliable people. Finding a team is not easy. 


There are probably a thousand oil tank removal companies; out of them, there are probably a thousand that do oil tank disposal, a hundred that does oil tank sweeps, and probably about twenty offer all of the services you need. The biggest issue you are now facing is: which oil tank company should you partner with?


Oil Enviro is a reputable oil tank removal company in Milwaukee, WI. Our prominence is built on superb customer service and top-quality performance. If you want to know more about our effective oil tank solutions, do not hesitate to call or leave us a message.

Abandoned Underground Oil Tanks in Milwaukee, WI

oil tank removal Wisconsin job at residential property.

The law in Milwaukee, WI requires emptying and cleaning oil storage tanks and their piping using a specific process that adheres to the national standards. Failure to remove an abandoned tank system may end with up to $5000 worth of penalties being sent your way.

Oil Enviro offers safe and clean oil tank removal services. Our team of experts is experienced with permanently removing underground oil storage tanks. 

Abandoned oil tanks buried on the property can cause:

  • Environmental risks.
  • Legal and financial-related problems.
  • Health issues.

An abandoned underground oil tank should not be overlooked. If the tank leaks, the toxic chemical could spread from the soil to nearby water pipes contaminating the water the whole community is using. Here are our suggestions for removing an underground oil tank:


  • In order for the oil tank removal process to begin, call our customer service and ask for our oil tank removal services. One of our accommodating staff will supply the information you need, a project estimate, and instruct you on the next steps.
  • After that, our team will make the proper notification to the local authorities and regulatory boards. We will secure permits if necessary.
  • Oil Enviro will perform removal and cleaning. And when decommissioning the tank, we will pump out any remaining chemicals, oil, and water. 
  • Once we have an accurate status of the interior atmosphere of the tank and determine that it is safe, we will cut an opening and use our industry-grade equipment to clean and remove the item.

Oil tank removal is an intricate process. The laws on oil tank removal and disposal vary state by state. In Wisconsin, the law demands abandoned storage tanks be permanently closed or removed by qualified removers and cleaners.  


Oil Enviro is a top-rated Milwaukee, WI oil tank company. We work with our client’s schedules to guarantee quality work that exceeds industry standards. All our petroleum technicians are trained to handle all types of equipment, can perform different techniques, and possess the technical skills needed to complete the job. 


There is no denying that we are the right oil tank removal company fit for your needs. Get in touch with our team now!

Should I Hire Oil Tank Removal Local Experts in Milwaukee, WI?

Absolutely! Our oil tank removal Wisconsin company consists of fieldworkers that have extensive experience. Plus, we provide a wide array of oil tank related services with our professional technicians and expert partners that include:



Oil Enviro is ready to partner with you and establish the best oil tank removal or oil tank disposal that fits your current situation. Remember that not all oil tank removal companies that come from a referral are going to be able to do what you may need. 


Before you spend your money on a contractor, give us a call. It is worth it! Our specialists will furnish you with all the details regarding our oil tank solutions and services. And we will discuss the exact methods we can perform to fix your problems.

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