Oil Enviro is the leading expert known for its oil tank removal services in Milwaukee, WI. Apart from removing oil tanks, we also assist in locating the hidden underground tanks on your property. Leaking of oil tanks can pollute the soil and groundwater below. If you’re looking for experts to check for contamination in your soil, rest assured as we at Oil Enviro also perform soil remediation. 

Sometimes people are unaware of the presence of abandoned underground oil tanks within their property. If you’re considering buying a new home, it is essential to stay aware of whether there are buried or abandoned underground oil tanks there. Our professionals’ will look out for the signs and spot where these tanks might be buried.

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Services Offered

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Though all tanks can leak and cause extensive damage, the leak in underground oil tanks is more likely to result in contamination as these tanks are out of our sight. Some homeowners converted from oil tanks to another form of heat. Those who have abandoned their buried oil tanks without proper drainage and disposal are at risk. So it is important to have these underground tanks removed properly.


Oil Enviro offers comprehensive services that include site inspection and remediation. With our vast experience over the years, we have seen many scenarios and some of them were pretty complex. We have completed every project well within time, and our attitude is what keeps us going. If you wish to remove the oil tank from your property, Oil Enviro offers the following services:

About Oil Tank Removal

Removal of underground oil tanks is something that needs to be done correctly. If a buried oil tank is not removed timely, the tank may succumb to rust and leaking. A leaking oil tank will contaminate the soil and cost much more if having to remediate the soil.  


Being a reputable company in Milwaukee, WI, we have earned our name in oil tank removal services. Our team takes all security measures in safely removing oil tanks from your property. 


The buried oil tanks on your property can cause environmental risks. It can also lead to legal problems as, according to the law in Wisconsin, it is mandatory to clean oil storage tanks using a specific process. The cleaning process must also adhere to national standards. 


Over years of service, we have handled various types of projects irrespective of the age and size of the tank. Our company offers a complete fuel tank decommissioning and removal service. 

Soil Testing

Oil Enviro is your partner in testing the soil of your premises. Soil is a valuable resource, and if it is contaminated, it poses a threat to human health. A leak in the tank indicates that it has outlived and needs to be replaced before it causes further damage to the soil. Our experts at Oil enviro will test the soil and perform soil remediation on your property.

Soil Remediation

The only solution to soil contamination is soil remediation. Our knowledgeable technicians will offer remediation services for soil to test the ground’s dry density and moisture content. We will decontaminate your soil by eliminating the contaminants that cause an impact on the environment and people. Contaminated soil is a threat to everyone as water passing through them will also get filled with toxic chemicals. We have industry-grade machines that are designed for soil remediation.

Many reports suggest removing any tank that is not being used permanently for two years. An unused tank gets corroded with rust that makes it susceptible to oil leaks. Call in Oil Enviro today to remove the buried oil tank from your place.

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