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Visual Indications Of A Buried Oil Storage Tank

oil tank sweep taking place on property.

The home seller or realtor trying to sell the house may be unaware of an existing old buried oil tank. The prior homeowners may not have disclosed locations of any previous oil storage tanks. In such a case, order an oil tank sweep right away!

Identifying a potential underground oil tank is no easy task, especially if you do not have the right equipment and skills to detect it. 

If you are a home seller or buyer in Milwaukee, WI, or have recently purchased a property, here are a few of the visual clues that you should be aware of when looking for oil tanks:

  • Pipes in the basement.

If an underground oil tank was once used, there should be gas pipes connecting the storage tank to the house. Often, pipes are placed in the basement where they would not be an eyesore and are still easy to reach for maintenance. 

  • Pipes in the backyard.

The yard is another place where the pipes may be installed. They are often left visible or aboveground, behind bushes.

  • Soil depression within your lawn.

If the soil in your yard does not match, one surface being much lower than the rest, that could indicate that an underground oil storage tank is resting there. Sometimes, even after the area where the tank is located has been filled with dirt, over time, the soil slowly packs under, leaving depressions above.


If you need to investigate the possibility of an old buried oil tank, Oil Enviro is an oil tank sweep specialist; get our services today!

You Need An Oil Tank Sweep.


Underground oil storage containers that have not been abandoned correctly are easier to become disfigured and leak. Plus, they could have sludge buildup. If not removed, this buildup will cause clogging or overflow and damage the drainage. This is one of the many reasons why you should conduct an oil tank sweep and oil tank removal. 


An oil tank sweep is a method used to track down any storage tanks buried in the ground. Our effective oil tank solutions are carefully designed to ensure the best possible outcome. 


  • We will inspect the entire property from interior to exterior.
  • Our qualified technicians will search for the visible clues of an underground storage tank.
  • Our professional fieldworkers will scan the ground using cutting-edge ground penetrating radar, soil probing, and magnetometry.
  • We will properly document evidence of old abandoned underground oil storage tanks on the property.


To know more about our oil sweep services in Milwaukee, WI, call us today! You can request this service when you consult with our oil tank sweep specialists.

Hire The Best Milwaukee Oil Tank Service Company

The best way you can tell a top-rated Milwaukee, WI oil tank company or oil tank sweep experts apart from the others is by checking the background of the contractors, the machines they use, or the technology they have invested in to make the process accurate and efficient.


The best way to make your home safer is by removing any old buried oil tank. Oil Enviro can assure you of quality service.

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