Milwaukee, WI Soil Remediation

Oil Enviro is a recognized leader when it comes to oil tank removal and soil remediation in Milwaukee, WI. We operate using specific solutions and treatment; our systems and methods help our clients make sure they have a safe property. Get in touch with us!

Why would you need soil remediation done on your property?

If you are planning on installing a new underground storage tank, ordering soil remediation beforehand is a good way to know whether there is an existing abandoned oil tank near the house or on the property. 

  • To check the type of soil 

Not all soil is ideal for construction or for storage tanks. Soil remediation can help test the ground’s dry density, compaction, and moisture content. 

  • To prevent soil degradation

Soil degradation is a phenomenon that diminishes the ground’s capacity to sustain its ecosystem, habitats, or strength to hold up a structure. The most common causes of soil degradation involve compaction and chemical or oil contamination.

Our Soil Remediation Service in Milwaukee, WI

Soil remediation or sometimes referred to as soil washing. It is the process of decontaminating the soil. Any soil remediation services provider or professional oil tank contractor will try to effectively eliminate the contaminated soil to trim down the impact on the environment and people. 


When a site is impacted with toxic chemicals from an old buried oil tank, the leak could travel through land and the water pipelines and endanger the whole community.

soil remediation job in Wisconsin

Oil Enviro is a professional underground oil tank removal company that does soil testing and soil remediation. Cleaning up any pollutants in the soil is a fundamental consideration when improving the safety of the property, or when determining the most effective area for installing a new underground storage tank.

Our soil remediation services in Milwaukee, WI ranges from neutralization to recovery:

  • Digging out and recovering residues
  • Soil removal or separation method
  • Purification or clean-up method
  • Monitoring
  • Closing the site

Our fleet involves industry-grade machines that are designed for soil remediation. The process we use is based on field-friendly and practical methods. For each soil remediation we conduct, we consider the safety and availability of equipment, time to complete, environmental impacts, local regulations as well as the major safety restrictions on our fieldworkers and specialists who will be in direct contact with the pollutants, residues, and propellants.

Hire The Best Milwaukee Oil Tank Service Company

People often overlook the importance of doing soil remediation, especially after an oil tank has leaked and impacted the soil. That said, you need an oil tank removal company that understands the long-term goals of oil tank disposal and soil remediation. 


Reaching specialists is very important. Our team of experts and specialists will assess and address the condition of your property, as well as document the different kinds of contaminants and potential dangers. 


To effectuate the best possible result, you need to consider more than just the oil tank company nearby. It is essential to review their background and skills. 


If you want to learn about Oil Enviro and the soil remediation services we offer, please give us a call or send us a message. Our customer support will get back to you within the next 24 hours.

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