Soil Testing Services For Oil Tanks in Milwaukee, WI

Safety from being exposed to contaminated soil is a right that the entire community should enjoy. Safe and effective soil testing with trusted experts and contractors is what you need.

Are you planning to sell or purchase a property that has a known underground oil storage tank?

Was a buried oil tank removed or abandoned without proper documentation to reassure no oil leakage has occurred?

You need to order soil testing for oil tanks! 

Oil Enviro is your partner. We are an oil tank removal company that offers vast services including soil testing. Call our office for complete information regarding our soil testing methods.

Benefits Of Soil Testing

soil testing samples for oil tank leak.

Soil or land is a valuable resource that requires maintenance. Whether you are renovating a house or turning a portion of the land overfor vegetation, performing soil tests provide numerous benefits which include:


  • Testing for evidence of an underground oil storage tank.
  • Finding any contaminated soil and taking the appropriate remedial action.
  • Obtaining more information about the type and condition of the soil in order to improve it.
  • Minimizing costly and time-consuming problems which resulted from being exposed to toxic wastes.
  • Avoiding soil degradation or erosion.
  • Having reliable documentation and definitive results if there was a leak or not.
  • Conducting any additional testing that may be necessary upon learning the initial test outcome.


If your property has a buried oil tank, or if you want to know if there used to be an oil storage tank concealed underneath the property, working with a professional oil tank removal service nearby can help. Oil Enviro always recommends soil testing methods to check for leakages caused by underground oil tanks. We can help you, talk with us today!

We Provide Oil Or Soil Testing Solutions in Milwaukee


Soil testing around a buried oil tank is crucial for identifying whether contamination in the soil exists. The best way to do that is to hire qualified tank services that will get to your site, collect soil samples, and process them.


Oil Enviro consists of the best soil testing contractors. Our oil tank removal specialists and personnel are all reliable and passionate about the work we do. Clients can have complete confidence in methods and procedures.


We offer comprehensive soil testing services in Milwaukee, WI that will help you receive accurate results. Here is a breakdown of our soil testing services:


  • We will extract a soil sample for analysis and find out its condition. 
  • Our soil testing solutions for oil leakage will help identify any hazardous residues in the soil. 
  • The soil tests and solutions we offer will also help formulate the right soil remediation plan and arrive at an accurate cost estimate to repair or maintain the land.

Normally, all sides of the land where the supposed underground oil tank is should be tested. This is because corroded oil tanks can leak from all sides. To guarantee that no residues are left behind, we recommend testing the whole area where the oil tank is located.


The goal of our team is to deliver a test outcome that will tell the exact mix of contaminants in the soil. Our specialists will gather samples and conduct studies. The samples we have collected will be evaluated by a certified laboratory and ensure that the results are accurate. 


Let Oil Enviro walk you through the soil testing process. Our experts will explain the procedure from beginning to end. Get in touch with our soil testing specialists now.

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